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So I've had a few beer , and read the release notes for the 185.5 , 186.18 , and 190.38 drivers (whql versions)...

The 185.85's work perfectly.The 190's killed my card.Here's the differences (roughly) :

The 185.85 use :

CUDA 2.2
OpenGL 3.0
PhysX build 9.09.0408

186.18's :

CUDA 2.2
OpenGL 3.0
PhysX build 9.09.0428

The 190.38's :

CUDA 2.3
OpenGL 3.1
PhysX build 9.09.0428


This is of course , not including the numerous control panel/operations changes.

Obviously , I could eliminate the physX as the issue with a successful 186.18 driver install.....Won't be with MY 260 tho.....haha


My case is pretty uncommon , most people don't run dual monitors.It's quite possible it's a an Nview/control issue within the drivers.....The fact that I have 2 friends with single monitor setups with dead cards from these drivers suggest it's not.

... it could be CUDA or OpenGL too.....

Without access to the actual specs/detailed changes/etc of the driver packages , I doubt we'll know.


I think this has a chance of coming out in the wash.Somebody will admit something.From what I've seen , It's a real issue.We'll see I guess.

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