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I got the monitor when it was 479 or something.

As for the wire mess, well its not so bad, mostly the usual things connected, now that the computer and monitor parts have been addressed, the next one is the desk which would help clean up things a bit. I'm lacking a bit of room.

I am not sure how the Dell calibration works, they give u a sheet which is supposed to be a test they made on the monitor, it is not the same for all U2410 based on the other sheets I saw. They then rate the Delta E of many colors, I will scan it tonight and add it to the thread.

It is a very nice monitor, I enjoy it very much. Yesterday I got some more DiRT 2 gaming on it and I did it in sRBG mode and I haven't noticed any form of ghosting whatsoever. Depending on your purpose, I would say you are not making a mistake by ordering this monitor, for now it would be hard to point out any real things I dislike about it (Sure I dislike the input lag, but as long as its not noticeable, I don't care). The brightness of it is really something however, turning it down is a must! Also, the screen is mate which is perfect in my room, that way there is no reflection to bother me.
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