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No worries RJ.

I've seen what people are blaming on the drivers , and yes a lot of the issues could be thier own fault.Lets not count out the drivers tho.

To answer your questions :

Yes it's the rig in my sig.

Driver sets 195.07 , 191.62 and 190.38 all caused the same issue.

My 260 was never OC'd.I don't run OC'd.

Fully clean installs.All 3 times.


The card is not a lemon.

This issue was 'fixed' 3 times.Once by the tech at MemX and twice by me.The reinstallation of a clean 185.85 driver did the trick apparently , but unfortunately , this is not working anymore.Since the 260 does this in other rigs now , it must be a borked VGA BIOS.


I really don't care what the issue is.I've done my research and testing , and I know what I'm blaming.

I take that card back to memx and it does what it does in the video , they hand me a new card.Period.

I'll let evga and nvidia fight over who's issue it is.

You can be damn sure those driver sets are not going anywhere near my new 260.
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