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After all those talks it comes back to the thesis

Like brain and hades said, its the drivers, we ain't blaming our cards

And clean install you say? well with 191 drivers, Driversweeper always F up and goes into non responding mode. But you can manually go into the system files and remove all the files starting with NVxxx.dll

After uninstalling 191 and manual removal of NV dll files and install 190.38 and earlier no problem as of now well maybe except when i am playing batman with physx on high. The game would encounter a error and shuts off

But hey, batman is only 1 game i can live with that.

"improper useage" you say? Must be our F@H gpu clients

Ohh yea, i run xp32bit, and no N200 board either, just a cheapo AM2 + DDR2.
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