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Still don't know what to get conclusively??>>

SAS 147G proven HDD and SAS controller for almost same cost as a 60G firmware issues-stuttering..~3.5ms--- I know I'll prob get flamed, but is the OCZ SSD ready for market on desktop's??

I've read a 100 Vertex reviews, but is this real-life or marketing...

Here's what I need from my HDD for graphics-> reliable-fast-endurance.. some of my apps can take time to render (Maya or 3D StudioMax)

Any SSD will be faster then my VRaptor 150G (which I was kinda disappointed in being 3rd gen, after having 74G and XRaptors prev...IMO)

I have the $$ for either SAS or SSD..just want best speed-bang for the $$ that's reliable and fast!
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