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Default Dell U2410 review

On Friday the 4th of December (at around 1am) I finally decided myself to order the Dell U2410 for 479.99(or something like that), it was scheduled to be delivered on the 14th of the December, don’t ask me how or why, today, the 8th of December, it was delivered thanks to Dell and to Purolator.

Here is a little disclaimer, I am a French speaking Canadian; therefore, english isn’t my native tongue, it is quite possible, I make a few mistakes, but rest assured, I am not doing so to annoy you or to disrupt Shakespeare’s rest.

This is actually my first LCD purchase, I am going away from a 19”(18 viewable) Ciceiro CRT monitor. I will be comparing it to that monitor as well as other LCD monitors I have around.

First thing you notice out of the box is that the screen is well wrapped and packed. The stand is very easy to attach and once that is done you are basically ready to go. The included accessories are a VGA cable, a DVI cable, a Display Port cable and a USB cable to connect to the monitor to use the card reader as well as the USB hub.

Once the monitor was plugged, the first thing that shocks me is that my CRT looks like it has totally washed out colors (makes me wonder how come I never noticed that. Having read other reviews about this monitor as well as the “Dell Color Calibration Factory Report”, I proceeded to switching the monitor to sRBG preset calibration. Being no photo editor professional, I feel like I will go the easy way and use this preset because it seems to be fairly close to reality. Based on the calibration report, the sRBG’s color of my monitor show only 5 colors with a delta E above 2 and none above 3.

In the process of changing those things, I forgot to mention about the touch buttons in the menu which people have complained about, but it adds a nice touch I find.

The monitor came with a preset brightness of 50 which I thought to be alright, more on this later.

Back to the aesthetics of the monitor, it doesn’t wobble like the HP w2408h my father uses. It tilts nicely, the pivot (left and right) is a nice function when you want to perform tests, but I don’t see myself using that function a lot once I am done taking pictures of my monitor. I must admit that even though the monitor is very good looking, I won’t be exposing pictures of it all over the place. Last and certainly not least function, the height adjustment, I find this last feature to be quite a sell point of the monitor (along with all the others), but also, it took be a bit of time to figure out how to adjust it without breaking my new toy. However, after I applied a little bit of pressure it started to move; now it is much easier to raise or lower.

The viewing angle, as shown in the pictures is simply very good despite the fact I took them at a very narrow angle, more than one would feel comfortable watching their monitor.

As for the input lag, I am not sure how much I can trust the software I used as a timer(it was OnlyStopWatch) because it gave me basically 2 results. Either there was no lag at all (0ms) or there was quite a bit (over 80ms). Anyhow, since I took many pictures knowing it shouldn’t be the same result; here are the ones I got. The camera’s shutter speed was set to 1/1000s to provide the best result and so that I can actually read what was written on the CRT.

In sRBG mode, the average input lag was of 60ms, the minimum being 0 and the other 3 variables I got were 156-157-158ms (somehow there was nothing in between).
In Game mode, the average input lag was of 25ms, the minimum being 0 and the other variable being 80-120-101(each of them appeared once).

As for the brightness, I had it set to 100 for the pictures, for better viewability, but considering how incredibly easy it was to read, I guess it was a pretty useless thing to do. Afterwards, I forgot to turn back the brightness down, it took less than 2 minutes before I was tired from the excessive brightness, so I proceeded to lower it to 30 which is the value I had elected to be appropriate for me. However, after 15 minutes of writing this review (black on white), 30 may also be too much depending on the situations, this is how bright this monitor is.

I have tried to run the “test” in DiRT 2 to see ghosting or anything, I did not put the monitor in game mode and I have not noticed any sort of problems. I will be able to say more about it as I use it more, but for now, if you have any questions or any requests, please ask them here and I will do my best to properly answer them.

Most likely on Thursday, I will be doing further testing comparing to an old Ciceiro 17in LCD monitor as well as the HP w2408h.
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