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Whoa , ease down guys.My turn to go off.


Rjbarker :

You may be correct that the one issue has nothing to do with the other.If you really want to get down to specifics , the NF200 issue only applies to Win7 users from what I've seen.

Mine has nothing to do with win7 , I run XP32 bit , and I don't run nf200.

And please don't suggest I don't know what I'm doing when reinstalling drivers , and/or that I'm fearmongering.

The 190.xx and above drivers completely fuct my rig.


I can now report a couple things :

The 190.37 CUDA's don't work for me either.

MY 260 is now bricked , Not only does the artifacting appear on bios level bootup , but the card will not allow reversal of drivers , or installation of new ones.

I have put said card into another machine , still DOA .


It appears the 190.xx drivers alter the VGA bios.I have no proof of this , only that I managed to get the 260 back on 185's twice , everything was fine , upon the third try with the 190.37's this time , I can't get the VGA bios to reset anymore.


Please don't suggest this issue is in my head , or my fault , or whatever.The @!#%*&^%$ drivers caused this.

I've read a hell of a lot more than just the eVGA forums.I've read thousands of posts , on many different forums.There are issues all over the 'nets.......These drivers have a problem.

I have reproduced this problem twice.

The only thing more annoying than all the "fearmongering" on every forum I've been to , is the guys saying "It's not the drivers , your doing something wrong"

Anyways ....... my magically bricked 260 is going back for IPR again.

If anybody has any input beside "your wrong , I'm right" I'd love to hear it.

I'm uploading a video of what my 260 does now.......I'll edit it in here...
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