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Originally Posted by 5ILVgeARX View Post
good heads up brain.
I had heaps of trouble with 191 and i do not want to waste my time with 195 drivers.
below is what my screen looks like when these drivers FAIL.
and it BSOD during video playbacks
And a shot of it crash in a game such as warcraft 3
I removed the pics from the quote.. but holy hell that's brutal dude!!!!

barker... the part you seem to be missing is apart from braineater one of my friends doesn't have the n200 on his board and his card died literally hours after he installed the drivers. So no... it is not limited to the Classified NF200 Boards... Even after removing the drivers nothing worked nor did re-installing windows. None of the 3 even OWN that board let alone the chipset on that particular board. Another friend who more than likely has the n200 on his board went through the very same process nearly to the T and had to rma the card as well. He is using an AM3 board btw.

Now.... all of this could have been coincidence but I find that pretty odd considering 2 of these cards died within days of each other and another mate lost his the same way. I know a couple other fellas on a different forum who lost a 275 on the 1st reboot and another who lost his 8800gtx a day or 2 after updating drivers on a system that DEFINITELY doesn't have n200.

If what you are saying is true about the drivers.. explain to me how the 8800 I threw in my machine to test if it worked required nothing more than a reboot to finish installing the drivers after the OS detected it. In both win7 AND XP pro. The card I'm currently running is the 285gtx and those were the drivers that were already installed when i tested the 8800. Upon further testing the GTS worked normally and performed as it should based on previous benchmark scores that I've recorded. I've been playing around with nvidia cards on multiple boards/chipsets for quite some time now dude... I'm not some dumb noob who's never built a computer before. I don't claim to know everything and I do agree when installing a new card in a different era of GPU perhaps a fresh install is the best bet however that being said... Isn't a fresh install always great anyway? If i moved from an 8800gts to an 8800gt or gtx installing new drivers is a mute point. No need to completely format windows and re-install the faster GTX will run just fine even if there was a GTS in there previously.

Nvidia drivers are unified from what I can tell.. no different than intel chipset drivers. If you download the intel chipset drivers that particular download covers more than JUST one chipset. They won't install if they don't work with the hardware... that's not to say all drivers are the same I'm simply referring to 2 drivers I know for fact don't. If you don't believe me about intel try installing the wrong chipset drivers... it won't work. You will be denied.

Here's some food for thought. My HTPC used to run an Asus 7800gt. I bought an ATI 4650 and plugged it in with out re-installing windows. I uninstalled the nvidia drivers plopped in the ati rebooted a couple times and boom... The picture quality was actually better with the ATI and perhaps some reminants of the NVIDIA drivers. I know this because after my roomie got a virus on the HTPC I had to format and of course only installed the ATI and the PQ was pretty good but not AS good. I've gone as far as running windows from a 4 series nvidia chipset to a 7 series chipset with out formatting. The OS detected the changes installed them and ran fine. I did eventually format obviously but for curiosity sake I had to try... believe it or not... my benchmark scores increase by only few hundred points but that could be affected by anything.

If you even read half of this i would be shocked.

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