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Please get your facts straight.
Straight as an arrow dude!!! I spend heaps of time on the Evga Forum abd the reported "over-volting" causing dying HW was limited to the Classified NF200 Boards...the issues you guys are having with your GPU's are not on the same level as is what I'm speaking of.
Due to the fact that my Primary Rig has the NF200 Board, I'm personally staying away from the 191.xx Drivers.

My other rig is a standard E8400 on a 780i Board with 9800 GTX+'s in SLI...lets see..186.18...190.38, 190.62, 191.07, 195.39, 195.55 and now 195.62....all Drivers performed well throughout Benches such as Fc2 and Vantage...scores were close to the same. The only "issue" was in some cases the Drivers would not allow the GPU's to downclock to 2D mode after exiting 3D dead GPU's thoughs or "funky HW issues (GPU HW Gremlins)!
Nobody should have to know what they are doing when it comes to installing drivers... they should click the EXE and it should do the rest. Period. Nvidia drivers only install detected hardware and they have for as long as I can remember. Drivers shouldn't kill hardware... even IF you installed the wrong drivers. Please get your facts straight.
that simply shows how much you don't know when it comes to installing GPU Drivers in a clean install...go ahead n Google it you may actually learn something!

Once this particular "issue" surfaced on Evga re: the 191.xx Driver killing HW, most peopple weren't thoroughly reading the Threads, if they had, they would have seen that the problems were isolated to the Classified NF200 Boards. In some cases the problems could be resolved by stripping the rigs apart and re-installing Windows, BIOS Flashes etc some cases this didn't work.
In many in tons....because of this "issue"..and the fact that folks weren't thoroughly reading the Threads...a "mass hysteria" developed whereby everyone and thier dog that tinkered with thier GPU OC's and Driver installations that fvcked em up, instantly blamed it on the Drivers and "it must be that driver that hooped my GPU"...couldn't be all the unknowledgeable idiot noobs constantly tweaking this and tweaking that , that have no business touching anything in thier BIOS, System Folder or GPU settings........

Thank God the level headed "normals" over at evga are settling some of the Paranoid Noobs down

Yep..looks the shits man, but likely can be resolved with a different Driver no? In other words is your GPU permanently fvcked..?..likely not.

As I stated, my facts are straight.....hate seeing the paranoid fear mongering that was evident and now dissipating on the Evga Forum migrate here...we're better here then they are over thier..more mature ;)

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