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I've sold lots of stuff on my local Kijiji also...just find they are very cheap (IMO) most don't know cost--or lowball badly--just want it cheap..way it seems here in GTA anyways

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
It ultimately comes down to your own level of comfort WRT local/not local. Personally, I do the great majority of my sales locally on Kijiji. I'll only deal with non-local if there's some form of long term history with the buyer/seller (not always a guarantee though).

Don't forget that you need a minimum of 25 posts (think that's the current level) to post something FS, and post spammers (posting garbage to meet the 25 post requirement) will have their posts deleted.

Best bet for a new seller to build a decent rep around here would be to get a few local deals under your belt.... That way the buyer feels more comfortable with the deal, and you get a chance to get some positive iTrader ratings.
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