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Default same issue as OP

i also just put together my new system. using an evga x58 sli LE board with an intel i7-920, Samsung gen2 SSD for the OS, and 6gb of 1600ddr3. needless to say, i was expecting this thing to finish booting before i lifted my finger off of the power button, but it does in fact take forever to post.

i want to add that i am pretty experienced with tweaking my bios for quick boots, and i'd like to point out that the option for "Quick Post" that used to be available within the bios is no longer there. I've tried all the settings i thought were hindering my post times, but to no avail.

This is where things get wierd. (ugh i wish i knew how to quote in this forum) The previous poster mentioned the "Beep" which usually signifies the start of the post process. every computer i have ever built up until this one, beeps within the first 2 seconds of power-up, and then post proceeds. what is wierd with this board is that it takes about a good 15 seconds or more before you even get to the beep, after which, post actually flies by within another 5 seconds. then another 10 seconds to load windows (i don't even see the secondary loading/logon (no password) screen its so fast!)

so what is the hangup at the start of power up? why does it take 15 seconds for the board to even begin posting? i want my friggin ultra fast bootup that i paid for! hopefully its something firmware can fix, if not i'd like to know asap so i can exchange the board while its still eligible for RMA...

sometimes from a cold start (i.e. computer was off all day while i was at work) the computer won't post at all... it wouldn't beep, it would just sit there with no video output and with an error code on the MB LED that i was too impatient to read. i just flipped the switch behind the PSU to off and on, then tried powering up again which worked. if not for the 15 second delay waiting for post... WTH!
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