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Originally Posted by jay51 View Post
i have a new touch here to giveas a gift..have any of you tried gadgettrak? iPhone Theft Recovery Software - GadgetTrak for iPhone & iPod Touch: Anti-theft Software for the iPhone & iPod Touch - iPhone Security Price: Free
does it work as described?
I wouldn't trust it, given the fact that they are giving it away for free, but moreso because they use a virtual iPhone and not a real iPhone to demo the software.
Looks like a scam to me. All security apps are fairly limited however. They are dependant on the iPhone being connected to the net to be tracked by an anti-theft APP. The best one to date is Orbicule's Undercover.
The fact that it needs a net connection to track is another reason gadgettrak seems like a scam, they need to be able to cover their server bandwidth costs and giving a way a product for free just doesn't seem financially responsible for a software upstart.
Orbicule's software however is $64.95 and is currently only available at Simply Computing at the moment. the price tag pays for your account's server activity at orbicule however so your online account remains free (for the moment anyway, this could change if their bandwidth cost increases).

Hope that was helpful
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