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Default 226BW or Dell UltraSharp 2208WFP OR E228WFP

So I went to future shop and looked at a lot of different panels today. Hooked all up through DVI to the same comp and also compared them to a non-tn panel.

LG 21.6"
LG 22"(L222 something)
LG 20"
SS 21"
SS 20"
SS 226BW 22"
HP 22"
Acer 22"

I did a few tests on all of them. Used the vista BG "Fall tress and sunset" as a reference as well as:

Make a grey background in paint, put a red circle in the center and scroll up and down to test for ghosting(As well as colors... a gloss samsung forget the model number, 22", the red looked pink and I couldn't change the display because the sales reps had the menu locked... and noone knew how to unlock it)

I was very impressed with the non-tn panels reproduction of the red's in the leaves of the BG picture. Though 24inches is too big for me and not an option.

Out of all the monitors the HP probably looked the best in those FS lighting conditions but I'd rather not go glossy. The 226BW definitely performed and looked better than all the other panels besides the HP.

In these settings I Couldn't really tell how bad the backlight bleed was, but from what I could tell it didn't look THAT bad.

So my pick of the monitors is definitely the 226BW for now.

Which brings me to the Dell panels. I have heard a lot of good things about the dells, and right now with their free shipping I't would be the same price as the sammy.

I'm looking at the UltraSharp 2208WFP.
Does anyone have this monitor or reviews of it? Any pictures of the BLB?
Any info on this panel would be great.

Also if I buy it from dell can I return it in a certain period if I am not satisfied and recieve a full refund? Would be my first time dealing with Dell.


EDIT: DOh, I just realized I was looking at the american site... so also thoughts on the E228WFP 22'' Widescreen LCD Monitor. Tax in would be about 300 at my door. Good price. Any reason the ultrasharp would command a 100 dollar higher price tag than the E?

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