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Originally Posted by Fudd Rucker View Post
Ya no holes in the bottom of the case (yet lol). I knew enough that the resevoir had to be higher then the inlet on the pump.Is it is possible to run just passive radiator? The name of the game here was as silent of operation as possible and the loons are pretty quiet so I figured I could get away with not making my case worthless lol and the heat being pulled from the radiator would suffice. Another option would be to elevate the radiator a couple of inches so there is some room under it and pull air from the front?
Just so you're aware, even passively running radiators need air to move through their fins for best performance. Also, even fans running at under 600rpm will be better than pure-passive, and you'd be hard-pressed to hear them. True passive is actually very poor-performing, unless you've got a really big radiator, preferably outside the case.
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