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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
- No

- No

- Depends. Do you mean 1156 or 1366? Both have i7 processors and EVGA has boards that support both. The P55 boards support i5 750, i7 860 and i7 870 LGA 1156 processors while their X58 boards support the i7 920, i7 950, i7 965, i7 975 and the upcoming i9 LGA 1366 processors.

- These days overclocking is more limited by your CPU + cooling than the motherboard.
Great Thanks man! you really cleared up the whole 1366/1156 processor confusion for me because I knew they both had i7 and thats what made it so confusing. Looks like the EVGA x58 is for me then. Thanks again.

Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
sky is right on the money, the only thing I would add is that SATA6 and USB3 are still bleeding-edge. There is some boards out that have the feature, but I would (personally) wait until intel releases their new chipset with naitive 6/3 support.
Okay, Thanks mate. I have plenty of time because I am still saving up for the components lol. Any ideas on when the SATA6/USB3 Chipset will be coming out (An estimate would be enough ) Thanks.
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