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Originally Posted by TokeR View Post
-Support The New? SATA Speed
-Support USB 3.0
-Has the core i7 Socket (because thats the best CPU at the moment right)
-Is Good For OverClocking - I want to OverClock the Core i7 920 to 4.1GHz+
- No

- No

- Depends. Do you mean 1156 or 1366? Both have i7 processors and EVGA has boards that support both. The P55 boards support i5 750, i7 860 and i7 870 LGA 1156 processors while their X58 boards support the i7 920, i7 950, i7 965, i7 975 and the upcoming i9 LGA 1366 processors.

- These days overclocking is more limited by your CPU + cooling than the motherboard.
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