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Default EVGA P55 Classified, EVGA X58 Classified, Core i7, New SATA? -ConfuseD-

Hey Guy's I am just extremely confused on what is going on, I hear there is a new USB 3.0 now along with some New 6GB SATA thing, that apparently only new boards have.. Does this mean the EVGA P55 Supports USB 3.0 & 6GB SATA? I want to get the EVGA x58 Classified but I don't want to buy something then a week later something better but the same price comes out if you know what I mean.. So What should I do.. I am also confused on this Core i7 thing have they changed the number of pins or something? Like the P55 Supports the 1156 and the X58 Supports the 1366 (Whatever the number is I forget) But Yeah I just want to know which board will do the following:

-Support The New? SATA Speed
-Support USB 3.0
-Has the core i7 Socket (because thats the best CPU at the moment right)
-Is Good For OverClocking - I want to OverClock the Core i7 920 to 4.1GHz+

I am not even sure if there are any USB 3.0 boards out yet but will EVGA make a board like the x58 classified that will support the USB 3.0 Because up until I found out about these new SATA/USB things I was going to happily purchase the EVGA x58 3 Way SLI Classified and wait for the new 300 Series cards to come out.

But now I am really confused and as you can probably tell this will be my first Big Build.

Thanks Guys!
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