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Originally Posted by Rains View Post
thanks a lot for all your suggestiongs guys, and SKYMTL i was actually considering that Gigabyte Odin until i managed to find a Silverstone decathlon 750w for actually quite a bit less $$
Cheers on getting the Decathlon, although it's typically cheaper because you do get what you pay for. I still think the CWT build of the Gigabyte is better quality than the Impervio built SilverStone. Just my opinion.

Originally Posted by calvary1980 View Post
Fortron 800W Power Supply

my personal favorite, Fortron is an old company that used to make very sturdy power supplies.
The Fortron Epslion/Everest 800W is rated at 25C with a de-rating curve of --10W/+1C. In other words, at 40C, you're only getting a 650W, never mind that at 650W and up you get out of spec ripple+noise at ANY temperature. Considering you can get good 650W rated at 40 or 50C for less money, I'll pass.
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