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My System Specs


Originally Posted by icepizza View Post
I plugged the ATX 12V 4Pin into the ATX_12V_2X4 Space on the MB but there's an extra 4 pins there so I was wondering why (what does an EPS12V 8P connector do? I can't find a place on my MB for it.)
The EPS12V connector was designed for use with servers. It isn't necessary for consumer machines, although many higher-end motherboards have them as an "overclocking" feature. If your board doesn't have it, that's not a problem. Just stick with the 4-pin P4 connector and you'll be fine.
Originally Posted by icepizza View Post
And also on my mobo there is SYS FAN 1, SYS FAN 2 (that's where I put the fans in) and there is PWRLED and PWRFAN. Can I plug fans into those places as well?
Yes, you can plug fans into any fan headers on the motherboard. That's what they are there for.
Originally Posted by icepizza View Post
Finally, one last thing, the POWER SW and RESET SW wires that came with the case I wasn't sure where to put them because it didn't say in the manual so I put them here
Your motherboard has a block of pins for the power and reset switches, power and HDD LEDs, and the case speaker. Reference the motherboard manual to find out where it is and which pins specifically need to be used for each item.
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