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Default Back-Ups?

Just curious, what Back-Ups are you guys using with your htpc and LCD TV?

My htpc has a 400W Psu, and with the psu calculator said its 188W from the outlet. I have also a shawdirect Hd satellite, HD-PVR, 46'' Samsung LCD that i would like to put on UPS also but now i am confused which Ups should i get.

Which one would you recommand? I've read APS make good Back-Ups, and i think i need the unit to be with sine wave output to be effective with other A/V equipements?

I dont want it to last forever, maybe like 5mins, just enought time to auto-close my systems. I guess only the computer will be properly shutdown using the software? What about other equipements? Will they get damaged by getting shutdown when battery run out if i dont manually turn them off?

How long will the battery last? The replacement battery seem as expensive as the back-ups alone. I hope the battery last a reasonable time ... Will the battery degrade overtime if its not getting used when there is electricity shortage?
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