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Originally Posted by brewer265@ View Post
I have a lamptron FC-2 and an FC-3 that both squeal like crazy at anything other than max. I tested the FC-2 with a Delta 150cfm and it controlled it easily but the squeal is way too much to handle. Lots of people have had the same trouble with the FC-2 but it was supposed to be fixed but the one i got from NCIX must have been old stock.
I can vouch for this but I get my units from a different source

Ill make this easy for me by Copy and paste one of my responses on ocn forums regarding this

You know what this is actually a interesting saying and also debatable.

I have two Fc-2 fan controllers with me, one old one that I have with PCB number LFC2090102F01 and the new one is unmarked. The new one I have purchased recently from P-Pcs

I do admit the statement was right for the old version of the product because when I put my Yate loons D12SM-12 into it, it made pulsing noises when the knob was in specific ranges except max. It also had some weird aesthetic issue with the LEDs being blocked which I mentioned about in my FC-2 mod
Lamptron FC-2 Fan Controller Aesthetic Mod - -

Now this new one I got is actually different. The first thing I noticed with the product was that when I installed my Yate Loons D12SM-12 into it to test it, there was no pulsing sounds in all ranges of turning the knob. Another thing I noticed was the fact that the LED issue is fixed!

I think they really do improve their products.
I only tested Yate Loons so I have no idea how it is on other fans.

This other one looks more promising recently posted in air cooling

Lamptron FC-5 prototype gets the go ahead for launch!

I think I see a San ace in the back ground

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