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My System Specs


LGA1366 will be more upgradable, but to upgrade, you're going to need to fork over mucho money.

But with a budget of 1800$, you could easily grab an i7 920 and overclock that puppy to 3.8-4.0GHz+.
Running an LGA1366 system will also let you take advantage of "cheap" 6GB kits. I paid 110$ for my 6GB DDR3-1600 kit after rebate.
Won't win an overclocking competition but, it's cheap and it's runs well.
X58 boards also seem to be more robust than their P55 counterparts, probably due to the price premium.

Board-wise, I think it's personal preference. Many choose gigabyte UD3Rs due to their good quality at a low price.
I grabbed an eVGA board because I wanted eleet (their customized CPU-Z) and a lifetime warranty (certain models only) in case I ever had to RMA.
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