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Haven't payed that much attention to the decathlon truthfully, but the quattro is amazing piece of psu. Also, there is a comparison review of both PSU's on this site, you should check it out! I managed to pick my Quattro of SKYMTL, and was worth every cent! As for it being ugly, it actually looks alot better in person (when I saw pictures of it, I hated it, but when I got it in I was surprised at how tastefully done it is), and for the most part, you won't even see the racing stripes, so it's all good. As for cables, I personally have had no troubles with it at all, actually, other then it was annoying as hell to fit in my 3D Aurora as the screw holes didn't match up perfectly (it really took some pushing to get that thing in) I've had no problems with the PSU at all.

But in the end, they are both good PSU's to get your hand on (there was if I remember right a .5 score difference between the two?), and in the end it all depends on your preference

Agh, could I say PSU more often through this post?
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