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Smile thanks guys :)

thanks a lot for all your suggestiongs guys, and SKYMTL i was actually considering that Gigabyte Odin until i managed to find a Silverstone decathlon 750w for actually quite a bit less $$, full modular and on the 8800GTX sli certified list(not that it matters, but piece of mind i guess), with tax and shipping it comes to around what the gigabyte costs before tax and shipping, so i figure, ive heard awesome things about the silverstone DA750 and that gigabyte one would cost more and I haven't seen many reviews or tests regarding it,so im still not sure about it. Also all i've heard is good things about the Decathlon 750w so i think im gonna pick it up!

its either the decathlon 750w or the antec truepower quattro 850 watt, I like the extra power of the 850 watt, but i dont like the way its setup cable wise and its ugly as sin, not that looks really matter but i can get them for almost the same price so i dunno lol

unless theres something i need to know about those silverstone psus or some other strange factor i should know about, i think im rolling silverstone, i just like its design more and i heard its rock solid, whish is what im lookin for!

otherwise im still open to suggestions or comments!

anyways, thanks again everyone!

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