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Default my e6600

ugly, but fast.... the case, pump, and waterblocks have been through many builds. (at least 6)

i built this e6600 (L712A) on an ASUS p5b-plus/2 gig ocz special ops/evga 8800 gts superclocked 320mb/2- 250 gb wd drives in raid 0 about 5 months ago. used all my old hardware.....its running at 3.6 ghz (4x900), i got it to clock to 3.8 but was nowhere near stable. since then i got a matrox triple head 2 go, 3-19" lcd's and a 32" hdtv lcd for monitor 4, basically for watching satelitte tv on my twinhan 1020a card,;-) and playing DIRT..... its really good for DIRT!

i have the evga card clocked at 690/2000

this winter i plan on getting a thermaltake mozart TX and transplanting all my stuff in it.... im sick of this old A-Open server box....

second pic is of my highest OC....
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