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For sourcing parts i'd either look at, or

As far as a pump I think the mcp355 is what your looking for - Buy Swiftech MCP355 High Performance 12V Industrial Water Cooling Pump 3/8IN Barbs - MCP355 In Canada. . They don't get much smaller then that.

I personally recommend distilled with a kill-coil, best way to prevent your loop from growing anything funky. I wouldn't recommend food coloring as I believe they use sugars and other crap that probably won't do your loop any good.

Can't help you with the heatkiller, I think they're a little overrated (but I havent used one). From what I can tell you may save 3-5 degrees at most from a comparable block.

EDIT: That is one sexy res, If only I had a little more room in my case. Should be a thing of beauty inside that obsidian.
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