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Originally Posted by Fudd Rucker View Post
Im well aware that imageshack has resizing. I just didnt bother cause i didnt know everyone would get thier panties in such a bunch over a pic, now the one you put up thats been resized cant be made out unless you zoom in 200%.

Sorry my post was more meant to reflect the idea of a spam post pimping out an offsite webiste - lost in poor translation - and your right I did do the image wrong. Fixed it.

For me an many others not using a 24inch screen - 1920x1200 throws off not just your post, but the whole forum page - hence the reason why such enormous photos are usually not well received. Its much easier if you crop, or just use the imageshack image thumbnail tool

I also have learned to really like Picasa Web Albums as a quick online photo editor & hoster
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