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Originally Posted by Cptn Vortex View Post
I play my fair share of both. CS:S is a more competitive, skill based game, and positioning is most important. BF2 is more open, and squad based, and if done right, your squad can be very very deadly. I don't think I like one more than the other, as they are both very different games.
Never speak of source again, back when it came out I got banned form like 5 servers because of "hacking". I'm sorry, but the hit boxes for the heads are HUGE!

And Counter Strike if done properly is hugely team based. Just watch the difference between a bunch of good players working by themselves compared to a bunch of good players working as a team.

As for something other then BF, there is Quake Wars...pretty much a BF look-a-like set in the Quake world...but I doubt it's less of a hog.

Truthfully...I prefer Team Fortress 2 over both of them, while counter strike was at one point my favorite online shooter, TF2 completely stole that title away. Hugely team based, fun, able to run on very slow computers, and heavily team based. It's a game where you pretty much need mic's to get the most out of it! But I guess my talking of TF2 is going a little off topic
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