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Unhappy need PSU suggestions, current PSU isnt cutting it

I came to know of these boards through NCIX and i decided i'd join up as it seems there are some very helpful and knowledgeable people around here, so I'm hoping someone can help me out a bit

Lately I've noticed my 600 watt OCZ GameXStream PSU has been dying on me during heavy loads or intense gaming, so it seems i need to upgrade, i guess i'm just not getting enough power, or, it's something else, i'm unsure, m aybe someone has a magic answer, but i certainly don't know

I'm just looking for suggestions on a new psu, 600 watts isn;t seeming to cut it (might just be the psu) so im guessing 700+. I've looked around at a million different ones but cant quite seem to make a decision. I've also read a million reviews and I just cant seem to put my finger on the right one. I want something for now and slight future upgradability. Something i can use for a while and can handle 2 8800gtx's in Sli(i only run 1 8800gtx now, but you never know), a bunch of hard drives, 6-10 fans, 4 gigs of ram etc etc. I ideally want a **modular** PSU, but its not mandatory, though i'd much prefer one, a lot easier to work with in my opinion but also more expensive it seems.

I tend to do a lot of OCing so perhaps thats whats messing with my psu, either that or its just dying on me. Either way i believe an upgrade is in order but i may very well be wrong

looking at a sub $200 price range.

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot! - Rains

my system specs:
ASUS P5N32-E SLi 680i mobo
e6400 Oc'd @3.2 ghz
BFG 8800 GTX
4 gigs of crucial ballistix 8500 ram
Soundblaster X-Fi
500, 320, 160 WD harddrives
OCZ 600watt GameXStream powersupply
Antec 900 Case
8x 120mm fans
1x250mm fan
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