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Deus Ex? It's a FPS/RPG hybrid, and while it looks like a shooter, nearly every mission can be solved using stealth and non-violent means. I don't recall any instance in the game where you are required to actually kill someone with violence (you still kill some people, but indirectly). You can hack/talk/sneak to achieve your objectives.

Also, the hitman series are good stealth/action/shooter games. There are almost always multiple solutions to a level, from guns blazing to stealth and traps. I especially like the unique use of disguises, which have limited effect based on the area you're in. You may need to switch disguises several times throughout a level as the situation changes. For example, you may need to steal a security officer's clothes to get past security and then switch to an employee's clothes for the internal areas. There was one memorable level in hitman 2 where you can either pose as a pizza boy to get past security, or set off a smoke bomb and pose as a fireman. It can be quite hard though since saves are limited.
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