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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
0.6-0.7PF is typical for PSUs with no or passive PFC.
I'm aware of that, but...
Originally Posted by DougTheSlug
I know all my top end machines have Silverstone PSUs with APFC
Unless something has gone terribly wrong with all the PSU's, I wouldn't expect that to be the source of the low PF. Doug, out of curiosity, do you get the poor PF only when the AC is running? Or all the time?

I was looking around regarding that conditioner, and I haven't been able to find any better details on the voltage regulation method used by them. As has been mentioned, a dedicated power conditioner will usually do a better job of fine tuning things than a regular UPS, but I couldn't find any documentation at this time to verify it for you. But yeah, a line conditioner is a band-aid solution, and without better documentation, it's hard to say whether it's up for compensating against a heavy induction motor starting up. When what you probably need is some caps installed to balance out that AC motor.
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