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Originally Posted by DougTheSlug View Post
Hey Braineater,
Some of that explanation on Power Factor goes a bit over my head. But I'm also not sure what BC Hydro can do if my devices pull power in at a low power factor.
I'll do my best to explain.

Loads such as inductors and capacitors are capable of storing energy.

As this energy is absorbed/released with every cycle of the AC sinewave , it causes the voltage sinewave and the current sinewave to lose syncronization.

With Inductive loads for example , the voltage 'leads' the current......With Capacitive loads , the current leads the voltage.


The bottom line is this ;

If you have a lot of inductive loads , you are going to get large voltage fluctuations when these devices start.(like your AC)...

The solution (BC Hydro may or may not help you with this) is to install Capacitors on the main line to compensate for the inductive load.

Now technically , this could fall under the "Line conditioner" category , but it really isnt.

It's also not something you can do yourself , there is testing/inspections/etc involved.
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