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Originally Posted by Ritz View Post

I do have a question for you though, regarding the numbers from the chart on page 8... a large number of your benchmarks are stuck on an average just between 225-230 MB/s. Is this due to SATA II bandwidth limits? That has been my understanding, anyway. What will we need to see a drive substantially improve over that 230 MB/s cap?
As AkG said, I don't think we are reaqching any system limits but rather limits of a particular controller. If I am not mistaken, all of those SSDs which are "stuck" at a certain performance level are all using the same Indilinx controller which could be a limiting factor.

We are going to be using a revised testbed but from my own testing, there really aren't any good SATA3 solutions right now. HOWEVER, AMD's new chipset will have native SATA 6Gbps support without the need for PLX switches or additional latency-inducing host controllers.
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