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Originally Posted by Ritz View Post

I do have a question for you though, regarding the numbers from the chart on page 8... a large number of your benchmarks are stuck on an average just between 225-230 MB/s. Is this due to SATA II bandwidth limits? That has been my understanding, anyway. What will we need to see a drive substantially improve over that 230 MB/s cap?
Good question. I would think that their is still a bit more room on the sata bus then ~230. I know overhead exists but I cant see it being that much. I think the issue is more then likely just the first gen controllers capping out around there.

The two things that would allow these drives to improve over that cap are:
1) RAID setups. This only works for two drives (realistically), which nets you around ~570MB/s transfer rate. You can add a third, but your xfer rates dont scale nearly as well as the first additional drive since the ICH10 southbridge caps out at ~600MB/s
2) New controllers. Companies that build drives are the ones that push the technology. Look at SATA6, and usb 3.0. Drives exist, as do USB3 devices, yet motherboards -just- started comming out with it. So we need companies to start pushing SATA6 on SSD's and getting new controllers to handle SATA6 and its bandwith. Its one of those Catch22's. What came first, the Chicken (SATA6) or the egg (SSD Controller)?
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