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You'll never see every single possible memory option on a motherboard's QVL - not practical, and really not worth their time.

Typically, what motherboard vendors do is verify a number of well-known, well-regarded brands in the process of their testing. This way, they know that there are lots of good choices out there, and they get a mild halo effect from their product being associated with the well-regarded product. Nobody cares whether Joe's el cheapo memory sticks work in your new $500+ EVGA Classified, but knowing that Corsair's 2000MHz+ Dominator GT sticks work... that matters to some people. And conversely, some of the premium price you pay for first-tier brands pays for the testing that the memory company did before shipping their product out for sale.

In your case, you're arguably taking your chances, even if the odds of problems are pretty darn small. There are a number of different companies making the chips that go into memory sticks, and there's no way of telling what's in each stick, even if they have the same official speeds. Some chips do occasionally have problems, although they tend to show up early on when they hit the market, and more often with early motherboard bios'. If it's a concern, your best bet is to try to search online for builds using the same hardware, and verify that it worked for those people. Beyond that, get them local, and verify that they can be returned if there's a problem immediately after installation.
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