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My System Specs


I am a total supporter of the Xbox 360, but I dont know a heck of a lot about the PS3.

Ill try to label pros and cons when compared to the PS3

XBOX 360
Pros VS (PS3)

- really comfy controllers (PS3 feel like your thumbs are in odd positions)
- Xbox Live is better than PS3 version (as far as my understanding, but PS3 is free where Xbox live Gold is about $60 if u purchase a year all at once)
- Exclusives like Halo, Gears of War (PS3 does have games like Uncharted... umm anything else that is apparently good?)
- Wireless N adapter available ($100) (PS3 does have wireless G built inside for free)
- console purchase normally comes with a couple games in the box. Best Buy has it with Fable 2 as a free add-on.
- dead easy to set up streaming multimedia content from your PC (no experience with the PS3 here)

And the two links i added just below here are more for entertainment than actual knowledge, but you may find them amusing when it comes to the PS3.

How You Killed Your Brand… Officially | Sarcastic Gamer

No Frickin Games! The new PS3 Song. | Sarcastic Gamer
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