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Originally Posted by badatcards View Post
Congrats everyone. WTF Theirs now 21 people with over 2million points. Including hertz9753. Hey hertz, You still folding for Team TPU, Your always welcome back home here, But if you like it their more, Keep it up. As long as your folding. . I feel bad for you leaving the team because I was on the Canada vs USA bandwagon when they brought up the Flannel thing, But the challenge is HCF vs TPU, It just so happens that HCF has a lot of Canadians and TPU has a lot of Americans. Your contribution to the F@H Team is truly missed. You are making it harder for us to pass Team TPU but we will. At least you didn't leave the forum Keep it up everyone
Oh we will pass them, with a gx2 on its way and bigadv folding commencing that should be nearly 40kppd :D and with me getting paid on friday I'm eying a 295
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