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My System Specs

Default Thank you HWC!

Finally have my new system up and running with the cpu I won in the Puzzled Pics Contest! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone at HWC that brings us these amazing contests that I can apparantly actually win! The camera I used to take these pics sucks the big one so these are the best ones I took. I've got an H50 that I PM'ed for $69. PMed DirectCanada's price from NCIX even though the h50 wasnt even in stock at D.C. when I sent PM request lol. I don't know why I spent the amount of time I did hiding the cables cause I'm just going to have to rebuild it again next week. Whatever. I also noticed that on the stock cooler that came with the i5, the copper on the bottom looked like it was rusting/eroding or something. Unfortunately I couldn't get a pic because this camera blows. Anyways, here's some pics of the new system. Like I said, soon will have an h50 and also swap out the PSU for an Antec 700w.

New parts
Name:  DSCF1397.jpg
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Finished building, ahhhhh
Name:  DSCF1404.jpg
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In action. I don't know how I got a pic with the fans not spinning but this thing was on when I took it lol. hmm?
Name:  DSCF1423.jpg
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So those 2 were the clearest here's a not so clear pic
Name:  DSCF1426.jpg
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If anyone noticed I have the 8pin cpu power going into the "secondary" input. It seems to work fine so is there a reason I should not have it in there?

Anyways, thanks again, especially to Gav for responding to my many emails Now I just have to win the 285 from the folding contest and I'll be set
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