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Yeah those JMicrons need a lot of care and feeding to get the "best" from them.

For your budget you got 3 good options.
1) 120/128 Torqx/Falcon/Vertex. TRIM firmware is out. So is 2nd gen ITGC for even more speed (but harder on the cells)
2) 80GB Intel X25m Gen 2. Firmware is a mess right now
3) 60GB Agility EX. SLC beast. I use one in my old laptop. I prefer the ITGC/NL firmware (1.4.1) to the Trim(1.4)...but that's just personal preference.

How much space do you need?
Lots: go for the Vertex
Moderate amt: Intel
Not Much: Agility EX

On the firmware front you cant beat OCZ. Best going right now (non destructive firmware, with EARLY release of firmware updates). with a kick ass forum.

Though if you can hold off till after CES 2010....the prices of the Sata 2 gen 2s should drop (the sata 3s will be coming out)
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