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Was using F3, now I'm on F5, problem still persists.

Tried and eliminated a bunch of possibilities:

Tried each ram individually, memtest86 okay, Intel Burn Test okay.
Unplugged unnecessary devices, problem still there.
Remounted motherboard, rewired to ensure no shorts (although I can't rule that out unless I run it outside the case, but my room has carpet)
Drivers updated

I suspect it's the power supply, but I don't have a spare to test. Right now 50% of the time it powers on normally. 25% it powers on for a second, powers off, then powers on normally (after 2-3 times). 25% it powers on for a second and stays off longer.

This is now happening in normal shut down as well as in sleep mode.

Any thoughts? Is this more likely to be the motherboard or the PSU? The PSU is new too.
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