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My System Specs

Default WD Caviar Black 640GB'ers in Raid 0

Just a few seconds ago I ordered two WD Caviar Black 640GB'ers for a Raid 0 config that will replace my 150GB Raptor. (I really want a SSD but they're too damn expensive! )

Now, I know I'll see a good increase in boot-up, game loading, and large file tranfer times..... but how much more speed should I expect to see over the Raptor? I've been trying to find some good solid info in other forums but too many people have different opinions. I'm assuming that the ones who didn't see any benefits running Raid 0 didn't have a decent setup or just didn't do it properly. I'll be using the raid controller on the mobo in my specs.

Does anyone here running Raid 0 have any tips for me regarding performance tweaks?
I read that short-stroking the hard drives will help with random access times. Does it really make a big difference? I don't need 1.3TB of space in my PC so short-stroking won't bother me. I'll likely end up trying it anyway just to see. I also read that stripe size is critical for speed performance. Any input on that one?

Thanks in advance guys!
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