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Default Switching my Notebook to Win7 x64 Ultimate, SSD recommendations?

General specs:
13.3" LED screen, 2.5GHz C2D, 4GB DDR2-667 CL4, 8600m GS

Currently on a Kingston V-series 128GB, HORRIBLE.
It was ok initially, not great. Reduced the boot time greatly, but
showed stuttering during games, and as time passed by, loading
programs and multitasking took longer and longer.

I'm thinking of putting Win7 x64 ult on the notebook now, so I want
to jump to a SSD that has some sort of circumvention for performance
drops on SSDs as time passes; also something that has TRIM.

Budget is around $400 CAD.
AMD64 Phenom X4 940 @ 3.6GHz G.Skill Black π 2x2GB
Asus M3A78-EM
Powercolor 4870x2
OCZ Vertex 120GB, Kingston V 128GB, Raptor X,
Antec Mini P180 CM UCP 700W
Samsung 240T, 226BW
Logitech G15, Microsoft X8

Watercooled by:
Swiftech Storm Rev.2 , 4870x2 FCB
1xMCP350 w/Petrastops , MCR220 QP , MCRES-MICRO , Tygon 1/2" ID
2 x Scythe Kama Ultra 1000
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