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Default Asus Poor QA for LCD screens and stuck pixel policy atrocious

I current purchased two new monitors, and BOTH of them are in my eyes, not functioning properly. Is it me, or is Asus quality deteriorating slowly? I've always been an Asus supporter, and my current system is 80% Asus parts, but I find their lack of QA for their LCD monitors to be despicable. Both of my monitors are VH202T, and they both have a bright stuck pixel on them. I wouldn't care so much if they weren't in the middle; I'd be upset, but not furious. They have a 0 pixel policy, but shouldn't they tell the consumer which products are supported, or if they have such little faith in their products, should they not pull the products off the shelves? I've bought lots of LCD monitors in the past for my company and also for personal use, and this is the first time that I've had a stuck pixel, let alone two from the same brand of monitor. Sorry guys, I just wanted to vent, give you guys warning, and see what experiences you may have had with Asus as well. Also, if you guys have any ideas on what I could do about my monitors, I'd love to hear them; I've already tried looking up stuck pixel programs and messaging, and both have failed.
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