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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
$12/month isn't that much at all and what do mean by less chance of damage and cleaning? As long as you have proper airflow and keep your house clean do regular maintenance on your machine and have it hooked upto a proper battery backup there is no damage at all.
Well, you would have to agree that there is a better chance of a component failing when the PC is powered on vs off. Your power supply rarely blows when off, but if it did when it was on it can take a lot of stuff with it (personal experience). Sure it's unlikely, but the chances of a fialure drop waaaaaay further when it is off.

And as for cleaning, well that' easy, if a fan isnt turned on, it cant suck up dust.
I clean my PC about once every 3 years, and trust me even that is overkill as its never dirty...

At work I have the same system running in 2 different departments, one is on 24/7 365, the other only for a few hours a day during the week, one needs cleaning every 3 months, the other only once in 6 years. One has had a power supply issue, 3 screen issues and about 40x the filter changes, guess which one?
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