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Originally Posted by FtGF View Post
I was leaning towards one of these but the foxconn socket issue I don't like. Even worse so far from what I've read on the ASUS forums they won't even look at you if you have problems from OCing. Strange since the board is marketed for OCers. Too bad because I would have wanted to give it a shot but I'm hooked on EVGA if not just for the fact I feel safer buying from them.
True, Asus support is just a bunch of drones... Only company with decent tech support is EVGA imo. The foxconn socket issue I doubt will effect you unless your trying to set world overclocking records. I got my i5 750 to 4.3 ghtz on this board 100% stable. and 4.5ghtz not stable but it will boot into the OS. Its a great OCing board.

Also, the review missed a few things. the "speeding hdd sata ports" (dum name) do HARDWARE Raid. With my 2x 500gb samsung f3's I get 170mb per second read speeds. Also, it comes with a free 1 year of kaspersky anti-virus. I'm still kinda peeved about the sound card thing though only having entertainment mode... Atleast, to my knowledge.

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