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Originally Posted by Victor5 View Post
so how is bioshock? i hear it's great! which games are a must have now? which of these are good:
- bioshock
- call of duty 4
- half life 2: orange box
- unreal tournament 3
- crysis (i ordered this at only $40 with my computer order)
Haha, well, if you ever played System Shock 2 (which more people should play) you know what you expect from gameplay. And I'm able to run it on my rig on highest settings with roughly 30fps, so easily playable. I personally enjoy it greatly, just has a great mood.

Orange Box is amazing, I had it preordered, and was beta! Portal is some of the most entertaining gameplay I have had all this year. I burst out laughing so hard! The cake is not a lie! Next would be Team Fortress 2, once again, amazing. Though if you have a team that doesn't know how to work together...your screwed. And Episode 2, well, if you enjoyed the other ones, it's a good addition, just not as good as the previous ones.

UR3 I was bored with quickly. Was in the beta and just couldn't get into it. So...meh.

Call of Duty 4 is amazing. Right now it's being argued between CoD4 and Crysis for game of the year, so you know to expect good things. Can't say much more, because I'm waiting for it to come in.

And Crysis, oh my beautiful crysis! I'm sorry, but that gun...the gun! I don't want to say more because people complain it's a spoiler...Think of it this way, if you ever played Far Cry, think the same idea, your a person on an island, random plot twists, shoot everything that moves. It's a good time.

No...I don't know what your talking about, gaming isn't my life...

Time to start playing Sam And Max episode 2 (if you never played the original, shame on you. If you haven't played the new one just because of the Sam and Max name, double shame on you). Always good for a laugh
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