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Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
I know it's personal preference, but with the heat generated by newer motherboards around the chipset, I'd prefer to have the direct cross flow against the motherboard. I find taht without air blowing right on the chipset, the volt regs and mosfets get pretty warm. Also- one high speed fan is noisier than four low speed fans- with the stacker 832, you can set two or four fans in the rack and barely hear them- whereas my p180 downstairs is pretty noisy because of the fanspeed I needed to suck the heat out of the case to my satisfaction (I think there are pockets of still air in the corners of the case because theose r50s get blazing without a crossbreeze). I'm all about performance though, and I don't think it gets much cooler than a stacker 830 fully stocked with fans.
yea, that's the same conclusion i came to. the Stacker 830/832 are good cases if you want to just load up fans and blast away. this may not result in the most efficient or effective air flow within the case, but it's still better than no flow at all... when i get my computer setup i will do some testing about this and post the findings.

in the end, i'm the same, i just want things to be cool so they can perform well (will try to overclock.. but this is completely new territory for me). and i really didn't want to go to the water cooling route because if i'm going to do that then i want the best which is not even water cooling but multi phase change cooling (yes, i did a lot of research, lol) and if i do that then i wouldn't even have a case at all, my motherboard and components would just be sitting on my desk, connected and functioning, but naked in the open and resemble a computer spare parts garage. so instead of doing this, i settled on a reasonable air cooling solution that still leaves my computer looking 'civilized'.


forgot to mention: Coolermaster has a "Crossflow" fan for the Stacker cases that does what you want, it blows air across the motherboard. but it's warned that this fan will not fit in the case due to the length of the latest video cards... hopefully the next versions of the case will solve this

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