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My System Specs


Is that 920 a DO or C1?
I'm running my QPI (Bclk) at 202 with Mult x19 (no Turbo n HT "on")...gets me 3.83 Ghz with Ram at 1612 Mhz.....
vCore 1.31875 Uncore x16

Played around a bit trying to up my Bclk and bring up my RAM a bit, but couldn't get stable without large vCore boost, vtt and running Uncore the same time these Classified Boards are infamous for running a "warm" NB, so want to keep all of my Voltages down.
May monkey with it some more in the future (my Chip is a C1)..really though, this I7 running at 3.83 with Ram at 1612 OS on an Intel G2 SSD flys along pretty good....I know what I have to do to bring up my Vantage score !!

Firestrike Extreme: 21.452
MARK 11: 32.530

Introducing me n my OCD to Watercooling, is like taking an Alcoholic to an "all you can drink" Beach Bar in Mexico

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