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Default 8600 Series

NVIDIA's specs for the 8600 Ultra and GT look really sweet. Not to mention the price range is right on the money. These cards look like they are going to be an OCer's dream.

The specs aren't anything to sneeze at, either, with both 8600 cards being built with an 80nm process and 300 million transistors. The GT runs at 350MHz, with 256MB of RAM to call its own, while the Ultra sports a 500MHz core, with 512MB of memory. The launch is supposedly timed to coincide with the R600's launch, will certainly steal a bit of ATI's thunder.

- Endgadget Article: NVIDIA's GeForce 8600 series brings DX10 without breaking the bank
Date: Feb 2nd 2007

Specs: Taken from

8600 Ultra
Shaders: 64
Core: 500MHz
Memory Speed:1.4GHz
Memory: 512MB
Price: $179 USD

8600 GT
Shaders: 48
Core: 350MHz
Memory Speed: 1.2GHz
Memory: 256MB
Price: $149 USD
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