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Originally Posted by bwm View Post
Afternoon everyone. I noticed this thread and its similatities to past ones here, and even at my old roost. I've also noted that my PPD recently is always lower that my points per last 24 hrs. THAT is quite unusual, for me anyway. I think I could probably figure out WTH is going on if I had the time, but alas I just don't. I don't think it would surprise anyone if it were Stanford's stats subsystem fouling up the works again, but I need for those to be accurate to make she my poor little farm is putting out what it should, which is 30k PPD give or take a little. I don't see it as being within that normal range right now. Would some be so kind as to fill me in on what's going on, please?? W ould start reading right now but there no way in hell I'd finish it in a week the way things are here at work. Add a move across three states in the next two months and I'll be a mess before this is all done and over with. SO please help me out guys, what's happening with the stats system and what is Stanford doing about it. I won't keep putting up with PPD being flushed down the toilet. Thanks much in advance fellas.

Like SugarJ said Stanford's stat's server got the hiccups, it's been fixed.

They are crediting the points by hand to make sure it's done right, it can take several days for this to happen but you will get the points.

The WU's have all been received, the problem is only with the stats not the science.

Hopefully the new servers will fix this.

This is not the first time this has happened, have patience...
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